Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Give Me More!

You want em', you got em'. Here are more pictures from our trip!

Don't know how this got turned sideways, but oh well. Kessie was such a good helper collecting wood for the fire in her beautiful dress. Even princesses work hard!

We all went on a bear hunt, which was pretty stupid since there was an abundance of them this year. We didn't see any, but Lanny sure looked hard. He was my protector!

Yeah, I have a thing for shadows. This is us, minus Aaron-he was fixing us breakfast. Can you tell who's shadow is whose?

Whitney caught a cute little fish, don't ask me what type, I don't remember. She was pretty excited. We had all pretty much given up and decided to go back to camp when she caught him! Yeah!

This is Kessie with her bear hunting, charge, go forward, onward and upward, stick! She was pretty cute up there and had the best vantage point of us all!

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