Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Grandpa Craig and Uncle George are here visiting us, so of course we had to take them fishing---complete with roasted hot dogs, four-wheel rides, and wet dog smell. We weren't able to stay very long because it started to hail, but we had a good time. I've posted a picture of Uncle George catching a whopper of a fish, well, that is what he thought. He was so excited, and I was so sad to tell him that it was just a snag on the bottom. But it is probably just as well, because if you catch it and keep it, you eat it. And can I just comment here, the picture of me and Aaron. He claims that is a smile, but I think he is in great pain, I was sitting on his lap (I must have pinched a nerve with my bony butt.) We didn't catch any fish, but the scenery was beautiful and it was just fun to get away and relax. The kids love having Grandpa and Uncle George here. The girls can't get enough hugs from Grandpa. And of course, they all love to tease George and watch Red Green with him. I'll post more pictures as we continue our adventures with Grandpa and Uncle throughout the week.

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