Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lanny's class is going to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver tomorrow. I just got a new cupcake decorating book (which had some darling butterfly cupcakes in it.) Put the two together and you get cupcakes for Lanny's class. It was my first time, I can barely frost, so they aren't perfect, but I did get some compliments. I had fun, and the girls loved it, because they munched as I decorated and probably ate about three pounds of chocolate each. I actually am pretty excited to try some more soon, but we have to come down off this sugar high first!
The book is called "Hello, Cupcake!" by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson


Marti said...

They are gorgeous, Bri!!! Nice job! I am taking a cake decorating class this month at Michael's - every Thursday. Wanna take it, too? Only $17.50 (plus supplies).

Grandpa Craig said...

Bri, the cupcakes look great. If they taste as good as they look then I'd like a dozen. I remember when You and Lanny and I went to the butterfly museum. I have fond memories of that. Good job.


Larsen's in Wyoming said...

We have that cookbook, Isaac picked it out at Sam's club. So far we've made the penguins and pool balls. You did a nice job, those look like they require advanced culinary skills. I'm impressed!