Sunday, September 7, 2008

Missing our Family

Everyday this past week, after she had finished breakfast, Louie would ask, "Can I go torture Uncle George?" (Logan was usually still asleep and Louie couldn't wait for him to get up and play.) Unfortunately, yesterday I had to inform her that she could no longer "torture" Uncle George because he had to go home. Grandpa and Uncle left very early yesterday morning. Of course as soon as I said this Louie went into a crying fit. She was not very happy, and was even sadder because she didn't get to see them leave. She was not the only one I had to contend with. I told Lanny that they had left when he first got up and he said, "I know, they had to go home, but Mom, they stole our car." He had looked out the window and seen one of the cars missing. We have so many that he must have forgotten that one was a rental. All I can say is they better bring it back, pronto! (Good excuse to have them come visit again.) Kessie also was missing her new favorite people. She loved to tackle and wrestle Grandpa and Uncle George as they were trying to go to sleep. I wish I had had my camera when we went swimming on Friday. When it was time to get out, Logan came over with the towels (he was already dressed) and wrapped Kessie up in one. Then they went and sat on the bleachers to wait for us to get out. Logan is so big, and Kessie is so small, and they were so darling sitting next to each other, best buds. Yesterday Kessie would stop what she was doing throughout the day and look up at me and in a questioning voice say, "Grampa?" She wonders where they have gone also, who's feet is she going to tickle? As much fun as we had with them, I'm sure they were happy to get home. How's the rain out there guys?!? And Uncle George promised that he would return soon, so we'll just have to talk to them on the phone until then. Thanks for coming to visit us Grandpa and Uncle George, we miss you and we love you!

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