Monday, September 29, 2008

Antelope Hunting

Aaron just got back last night with my camera (he was hunting for moose, and yes, he got one. They are pretty tasty.) So I can finally post pictures of our antelope hunt. Don't worry, there are absolutely no pictures of antelope (we didn't get one, just two flat tires at the same time---I know what you're saying, "Now there's real talent!") Anyways, most of us didn't go for the hunting, Lanny went for the fishing. Louie and Kessie went for camping, and I went to see the beautiful Red Desert (which by the way is not red---oh, yeah, I was disappointed.) Aside from a few minor mishaps, as previously mentioned, we had a great time. Grandma Karen, Grandpa Steve, and Uncle Derek joined us for a couple days and it was great spending time with them. The first day we were out it was just our family and we went over to High Savery to do some Kokanee Salmon fishing. We got there during spawning, yes, Aaron planned it that way, because he knew they would be bright red. Looking at the pictures afterwards, I noticed that they matched Lanny's pants perfectly, who says you can't be stylin' while you're camping. That was pretty much the highlight of the trip for the kids. We did some major walking and the girls and I finally had to wait in the car while Lanny and Aaron continued in their quest to catch a Kokanee. (They aren't really biting during this time, so Aaron says you just have to irritate them enough so that they will strike.) The river with all the fish in it is off limits to fishing because that is where the Game and Fish collect all the eggs to raise. Most of the other little rivers didn't have many Kokanee, but still, Aaron and Lanny did each catch/irritate one. Lanny caught a girl, and Aaron caught a boy (they transform into hook jawed monsters.) I don't really love fish, but I even thought it was cool to watch them and see how pretty they are compared to the grey of a couple months ago.

Besides all the hiking and fishing, we got to ride the four-wheeler, Louie and the grandparents, along with Uncle Derek hike up the cool looking mountains we camped by (very neat formations made out of clay.) And Aaron spent some quality time with his brother and Dad fixing tires!

I was a bit concerned letting Lanny miss a day of school to go camping, but now realize it was well worth it. Not only did we get family time, but there was quite a bit of education that can't be learned in school!

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