Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

So, I can't believe it, but my five-year-old is now six!!! Lanny was so excited for his birthday (well duh, what kid isn't.) He had to go to school, and then wait for Daddy to get home, and then wait until after dinner to open his presents. It was only about nine o'clock at night, but he didn't complain once. We went to McDonald's for his birthday dinner and invited his friend from kindergarten. They haven't seen each other all summer. Lanny was so thrilled, he couldn't stop grinning. I think seeing his friend, Derrick, was the best birthday present he got. When we got home after dinner, we found out that a pirate had snuck into our house and taken all of Lanny's presents. Louie was quite distraught, but Lanny immediately followed the clues to find his stolen presents. I was amazed because he actually read the clues (which were not easy to read). I'm posting the note that that scoundrel left in place of his presents. You'll all be glad to know that I have since taken extra precautions to make sure no more pirates sneak in and steal our priceless possessions. Over all I think it was a good birthday for Lanny. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. Hopefully I'll be getting his six-year pictures taken soon to post or send out, depending on my mood! Here are some pictures at McDonald's, the stolen presents---found, and Lanny using his new skateboard the next day!


Your presents looked fine,
So I took them for mine.
I’m Captain Drake,
Of the ship S.S. Splake.
I’ll bury the treasure,
I have to for good measure.
Now don’t get the blues,
I’m a sorta nice pirate so I’ve left you some clues.
If you follow the map,
You’ll fall into a trap,
So follow the clues,
Don’t forget to put on your shoes.
Get ready, get set,
Your presents can be yours again yet.

Here are the clues that he left Lanny to follow. The kids had a great time (Kessie slept through it all) and there were chocolate coins with each clue, so that was a bonus!

Start out right here,
There’s nothing to fear.
Go up to the top of the stairs,
Your next clue is taped to the chairs.

I love to sail, I love to grin.
Where might your Daddy keep something to shave his chin?

Keep on lookin,
You’re totally bookin’.
Speaking of that,
Where would you read “The Cat in the Hat”?

I’m living the good life,
On the seas with no strife.
So while you are waitin’,
Go do some paintin’.

Hurry up, just don’t stop.
Go back up to the top.
Keep your head clear and cool,
Where do you sleep at night, and do you drool?

Your presents I was packing,
When my stomach needed snacking.
I raided the food,
When my first mate said, “Dude”.
So down in your cellar,
I ate the food storage with the fellar.

My minds starting to blank,
So just look by the gas tank.

Now off you go,
Your presents in tow.
I’m off to the sea, I be a sailor.
The treasure you’ll find, hidden in the trailer!

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Marti said...

OMGosh, Bri! You are amazing. What a fun birthday. The rhyme and clues were AWESOME!!! I want to be you when I grow up. Seriously.