Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lost and Found

Yesterday Louie asked me if she could have another piece of gum because she had somehow lost hers. I, being such a meanie, told her no way. I just knew that we would find it in the carpet. Nope, no luck, we couldn't find her gum. Today, however, I was just getting out of the shower when Lanny, who had just woken up, called, "Momma, I found Louie's gum." Seriously, I know you can have a poker face, but this kid had his poker voice going. No emotion, but I was worried. I went out into my bedroom (the kids have been sleeping on the air mattress because Aaron has been gone) and ha, you thought you knew, but nope, the gum was not in his hair. Instead it was stretched and mushed along his shoulder blade, with just a tad above his elbow. I got a good laugh, Louie got banished from gum, and we did get most of it off. He's still a bit sticky, but nothing that won't eventually wear off. All I can say, I'm so glad it was not in the carpet!

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