Monday, October 6, 2008

Quick Funnies

So I have just a second and I wanted to share some cute sayings that the kids are using lately.
Yesterday, I was standing at the sink and Keston pushed a chair over so she could help Daddy make cookies.She pushed it right up to me and said,"Beep, Beep." It was so cute, she has such a little voice, and I have no idea where she heard it because I don't say it. Too cute, now she's got me saying it, just so I can get her to say it again.
We went to the Butterfly Pavilion and Louie was so excited, she kept asking, "Mommy when do we get to go to the Butterfly Chameleon?" (We have been reading books about chameleons.) She loved it and tells everyone what a fun place it was.
Lanny also has a cute saying. He has been being "the Flash" a lot lately and so he goes everywhere quickly. This morning I told him to run upstairs and get something and he told me he would do it and "be back in a jippy!"
Seriously, I hope my children never grow up. I love their innocence and the joy they get out of everyday life.

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