Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Louie had a field trip today. They were going to Grover Park (the mountains) to eat lunch and then to a farm. She wanted me to come. So I said sure. Let me clarify something. We live in Grover!!! Here's where it gets complicated. With the name of the lunch location I, using my supreme intellect, assumed that it was in Grover. So I waited for the bus on the road that leads to Grover Park, or so I thought. That's when the bus went screaming past me. I had to flip around and by the time I got out on the main road the bus was gone. Great! I called the school, no answer. I called Aaron, no answer. Seriously, people! So I just kept driving. I saw a bus heading to Auburn, so I followed it. Yeah, not the right bus. I finally got a hold of the school. The lady didn't know where the bus was heading, so I called the bus garage. They told me they were at Grover Park. Of course, what was I thinking. Turns out there is another entry to Grover Park, besides the one I was at. So you tell me, why would you drive for three minutes when you can drive through Grover, through the Narrows, through Bedford, through Turnerville and then pass the "Road Closed" sign and end up at Grover Park? Yeah, I thought that much longer, convoluted route was better too. Anyways, after losing two buses, I finally found them, and with them was my Louie. We had a good time at the Farm, I missed lunch however. I also am in desperate need of a baby piggy. We saw some three day old ones, and wow!!! I need one!

In other news, here is a picture of Goliath. I was trying to take a picture of him with his tennis balls stuffed in his mouth and he was uber helpful.

Aaron took the kids grouse hunting on Saturday and they got a few. They were really excited! Kel had to touch them. Seriously, I was hoping for one normal child. They actually are pretty good eating.

Here is my dustpan yesterday morning. I want you all to know that I had swept the day before, and I still get this much garbage off my floor. Lanny likes to tell people that Kel has a secret stash of food. She keeps is on the floor. Oh, the joys of a one year old that likes to feed herself, and when she's done, she chucks the food on the floor!
I also wanted everyone to know how far I've evolved. I was taking the patches off of Lanny and Aaron's scout uniforms so I could put on the new ones. As I was taking the ones off of Aaron's I got something slightly sticky on my finger. Yeah, when I had put his patches on last time, I had used scrapbook adhesive to keep them in place while I sewed them on. I'm so cool!!! This time, however, I have needles, fabric glue, applique fabric stuff (that's the technical term), etc. Yeah, sewing's just not as fun when you don't have to improvise. Oh, well!

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