Monday, September 3, 2012

Braggin' a Bit

Let me start by saying that when I was young my mother tried to teach me to sew. Oh how she tried. She is a fabulous seamstress, but alas, I got none of those genes. I couldn't sew then, and I definitely can't sew now. (Side note...I just typed in swear instead of sew, which I actually can do, but try not to.) Anyways...I saw this great tutorial for lunch bags on the Fiskars website, and thought, "I can do that...and I'll be saving money and showing my kids how much I love them." Uh, huh...the pattern is nothing but straight lines so no problem. Okay, first problem was when they said to use stabilizer, really? What is exactly is stabilizer, apparently they thought I should know. I went to the fabric store, discreetly asked around (okay, I was moaning loudly at Joann's) and then bought the thickest stabilizer they had (I didn't know that thicker isn't necessarily better)...uh, how was I going to pin it? Not to worry, I had extra long straight pins, which are now all bent at funny angles and in my garbage can, that stuff is tough. Then I had to get bias tape, duct tape wouldn't do. So I got it, the wrong stuff (bought it in Logan, UT at 11:00 at night). No worries, there is actually a store that has some in Star Valley. Then I had to sew on the Velcro, I tried hand sewing it, but wasn't strong enough to push the needle through the stabilizer (I am saying stabilizer like a swear word in case you were wondering.) So I had to roll the lunch bag like a cuff, and then try to fit it under the presser foot, or whatever that thing is that goes with the needle. Anyways, I actually managed to finish them, today. School starts tomorrow. I started them three weeks ago and I didn't want to clean up the fabric, etc. until they were done, so that tells you how long I've been without half a kitchen table. Although the tutorial calls for nothing but straight lines, I thought that was boring, so mine squiggle and wiggle and jump in a few places. But overall, I feel extremely proud of my handiwork and so I had to share it. Are they perfect? Yes! Could I sell them on Etsy for $50 dollars a piece? Yes! Am I a pathological liar? Yes! Oh darn, I just told the truth! Anyways, they are far from perfect, but the kids were pretty excited about them. We'll see how they hold up in the wash?!?

Kessie's is the one laying down. Louie's is folded over like there is food in it. Lanny's (ya think?) is upright showing the Velcro used to fold it over. Oh, they make me smile! I am amazing! (and if I have to tell you that was a joke, you don't know me very well).
Oh yeah, and one more thing...don't try this at home, that $10.00 lunchbox is waaaay cheaper, it's got Superman on it, and no stabilizer!!!

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