Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today Was Good!

This morning I did four things that I have never done before in this house. I got in the shower this morning, I can hear you now, Dad. That was not one of them, I have taken a shower since we moved here in July. However, the fact that I got in the shower within about 15 minutes of bathing Kel is something that I have never done before. Only one shower within a two hour time period was feasible. This, of course, made Sunday mornings, shall we say, exciting! Second feat...while in said shower, I steamed up the bathroom. Third...I took a shower longer than seven minutes...aaaah, the luxury! And finally, I actually was able to get warm in the shower! Oh, how I love hot water! I've been missing my dear sweet friend, but he is back!!! I've been complaining to Aaron since we moved here about the lack of hot water. Well, let me clarify, usually I could get hot water for about five minutes, if I was really lucky and had been praying for three weeks. He, not having to do dishes, laundry, or shower the kids, thought I was just trying to find something to complain about. Finally, in desperation (he couldn't handle the wailing every time I took a shower) he bought new coils for the water heater. However, when he went to put them in the water tank was so full of hard water deposit that it bent the coils as he tried to pull the old ones out and then spewed deposit all over the floor. Oh, baby, now he believed me! No fixing it, the hot water heater was shot. So, I went without even luke warm water for one day, and now I have a brand new water heater, and I'm in love! I was amazed at how hot water in the shower just makes my day happier! I giggled, and Kel brought her cracker into the shower and tried to eat it before it dissolved and we were both thrilled! The little things in life are what makes it so worth while! Anyways, I just had to share my happy news! So go enjoy your hot water!
In other news, Kessie got her cast off today. It has been four weeks! Kids are so amazing and resilient. She has to wear it in a sling for a week so her muscles can strengthen, but she is doing well. They re-x-rayed it, and said it looked fabulous. They gave us her cast and the pins to keep. She has been so brave through the whole thing, but today, you would have thought someone had chopped off her arm. She screamed through the x-rays, through the consultation, through the pin removal (I probably would have screamed during that too), through the car ride home. She screamed some more when we put on big band-aids, when we put on small band-aids, when we told her she had to go to school tomorrow...etc. seriously...that child can handle pain like I've never seen, but when it comes to fear and embarrassment the world is over for her. Give her a day, though, and I think she'll pull through!
One more thing. Since, apparently, no one has any clue about Louie's dress...I'll tell you all....I know you've stayed awake at nights. Her dress was made for my sweet niece to wear at our wedding reception thirteen years ago. My sis-in-law was getting rid of tons of clothes and asked us if we wanted any. When I saw the dress, I knew I had to have it for Louie! She was pretty excited to wear it, not as excited as me, but still, we were both smiling!

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