Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kel and I are now Lone, Lonely, Loners!

At 7:12 this morning I walked in my front door and wondered what in the world I was going to do for the rest of the day. The kids started school yesterday. They were super excited and they all returned home with huge smiles, so I'm thinking they had great days! I took them to school yesterday, but today they rode the bus. I would still like to take them myself, but it doesn't really make much sense because Lanny is in a different school than the girls, so I have to leave at the same time the bus comes to get them all to their schools on time. Still, I felt guilty standing at the end of my driveway waving. On a side note, Goliath was also quite disappointed, considering he tried to get on the bus with the kids.
I took some photos yesterday. I was amazed at how much my Kindergartner needed me when we walked into the school and approximately 6 seconds later she was good to go and embarrassed by me. Lanny and Louie also cringed when I tried to kiss them, seriously, does anyone else see a problem with Mommy's kissing their kids good-bye, yeah, me neither. I even got dressed to take them, so I don't see what the problem was. Kessie has a friend from church in her class and immediately hugged her and began chatting away, kinda concerned me. She was already cracking jokes and getting out of control. Hope her teacher can handle her. The only thing she didn't like was how often people asked her what happened to her arm. She told me she just stopped answering them, wonder how that came across to people. When she got in the car after school, she told me she wanted cold lunch today. Then in her cute voice, she said, "Mom, what's cold lunch?" She is so cute. This morning I packed them all a cold lunch in their new lunch bags. Aaron got a bit mad because there were only three bags sitting out on the counter. I told him I'd get right to work on making him a lunch bag for him to carry to work. He just grabbed the cheese and grapes I had in a baggie and ran for the door.
Even though the kids all loved their new teachers and seemed very positive about the school year, they didn't want to get up this morning. Go figure. I used to get them up at 7:30 for school, now we get up at 6:00. Ouch!
  • Normal is overrated right?!?

This is Lanny's "I'm a fifth grader, stop embarrassing me!" look. He also didn't appreciate me singing a made up song about fifth graders as we walked through the school.

Louie and Kessie wouldn't let me take pictures of them in their classrooms, but they let me take this after school. Anybody else thinkin' I'm in big trouble when my second grader looks like that!

They did it! They made it through the first day! We're goofing off in Grandma's office. She's the secretary at Lanny's school!

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