Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is Anybody There?

Yes, we're still here, I've just been a bad, bad blogger. We've had so much going on from Spring Break, to Soccer season that I haven't had a chance to get some pictures up. Updates needed.....Louie lost her first tooth!!! Yeah, she is so proud and loves to show people, but her permanent tooth is already almost all the way in, so there really isn't a gap anymore, bummer, I guess it's time for the next tooth to come out! We went to Salt Lake for spring break this year. The best part was that Aaron got to come with us. He bought me a Suburban and so he drove us over so that we could pick it up and drive it home. Then, between the weather and the Suburban not working quite right we managed to kidnap him for the whole week! One whole week and he didn't go to work once, it was fab!!! We went for a hike, went up to Logan (which was one of the best parts, mainly because we went to Pepperidge Farms, Gossaner's Cheese, and Casper's (they sell Fat Boy ice cream!) who doesn't love food!?!), and my parent's flew out from Maryland to see us. We spent time with family, including Aaron's family and we had an Easter celebration together. I even got to see my sister whom I haven't seen in 3.5 years. I took a ton of pictures, but here are just a few!
Ten and a half years ago Aaron and I stood outside this temple and got our pictures taken. Wow, time goes so fast! I much prefer this picture to when it was just the two of us! Life is way more crazy, but way better for that craziness!

Loved all the dormant trees encompassing the path. Sad to say, but this was the nicest day we had. We got outside, and by evening it was storming, and continued storming for the rest of the week.

We're all a bit out of shape, but Louie pooped out quick. She simply sat down in the middle of the trail. She was done! I took her picture and told her Daddy would think she wasn't an outdoor girl, she promptly jumped up, ran over, stuck a smiling face in the camera and said, "Take my picture, I'm an outdoor girl!"

The beginning of the hike, excited with adventure! Yes, Kessie carried her chips the entire hike!

Here is a group shot at the hospital while visiting Grandpa Steve. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. He is doing well, his positive attitude amazes me, and we feel so blessed to have such a great grandpa!

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