Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Our Elders came over Sunday for the last time. Both Elder Crawford (which we expected) and Elder Sholes were transferred on Monday. We were sad to see them go, they have been a big part of our life and we felt like they were a part of our family. We took a picture and my camera is set up to take about eight in one setting. When I looked through the pictures I started laughing. We all have some small movements, some of us larger movements than others...such as Louie jumping up and going for the camera. However, I was shocked to see that Elder Crawford hadn't moved at all in any of the shots...was he even breathing? That is the question for the day, I can't figure out how he stayed so still. He didn't even blink, not kidding. So here's a good-bye to our Elders and we wish them the best of luck on the rest of their mission!

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Ken and Kim Cutler said...

What a great experience! You guys do look like one happy family!