Wednesday, February 24, 2010


On Monday Kessie and I went to the library. There is a play area there for children. She met a little boy there and instantly they were best friends, playing and laughing. It was so cute. Their friendship started with these words...
Little boy, "When you push this button the lights stay on." He was speaking about a wooden bus that has real headlights that turn off and on.
Kessie's reply, "My Mom not crazy!"
Well, I'm glad they got that all cleared up before they became friends. Wouldn't want any secrets clouding up their otherwise sunny relationship. I still can't help but wonder if it was a plea for help from Kessie...seriously, who starts a conversation like that?!? kids do!

Last night we drove to Denver to look at a Suburban. The kids weren't too thrilled to be in the car for so long. No we didn't buy it, but on with the story. Lanny started yelling at Aaron about how he always does what he wants and buys whatever he wants and that Lanny and the other kids never have a say in anything. Lanny was pretty upset and I tried to explain that my car didn't work and Daddy was trying to find us something that would work better. Lanny calmed down, but Kessie had to get in on the heated debate, so she yelled, "Yeah you said all these things and blah, blah, blah!" I couldn't believe Aaron would say blah, blah, blah, how scandalous! Yeah, I chewed him out for using such language!

I bought all the kids a new toothbrush yesterday. Apparently, that is all that it takes to make them happy. This morning I got them out of the bag and Louie and Kessie ran upstairs to use them immediately. I told them to come back down and tell me how they worked when they were done. Louie was still brushing when she raced downstairs to tell me. "I love my new toothbrush. It is so soft!" She finished up and spit and then said, "My new toothbrush is like a dream come true." Yes she even had that starry look in her eyes. I gotta find me a toothbrush like that!

Today is my baby sister's birthday! Happy birthday to you sweet Leah! She would have been 22 today (I think). I love you!!!

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