Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ice Fishing

What did you do for President's Day? I know you'll be jealous when I tell you, but we went ice fishing! Against my better judgement and my wishes, we went. Aaron assured me that the lakes weren't very deep, so I didn't have to worry about anyone drowning. We went up to the beaver ponds and he was actually right. The ice was about two feet thick and the water below it was about four inches deep. So then my thought was, why bother when there aren't going to be any fish in there anyway. Alas, there was. The kids had a great time. Louie mainly laid on the ice and licked the snow. Kessie played with Goliath and "My Mommy" which is her name for Grace. Aaron and Lanny were ever vigilant watching for "nibbles". I had a hard time even getting them to look up for a picture. I froze, and took pictures. I know everyone thinks I'm an amazing outdoors woman, but it's all an act. Especially when it's cold. At the first excuse, I sped along back to the car and turned on the heater.

No really, that's truly how I felt about the situation!
Lanny's big brook trout that he caught. He saw a nibble on a pole across the pond (he's got amazing eyesight) and ran as fast as he could and reeled that baby in. When he pulled it out of the hole, both girls started screaming that it was their fish. I told them that whoever's fish it was was going to have to eat it. Everyone then agreed that it was Lanny's catch!
Please note where Kessie has her lure. It's right beneath the water. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she probably wouldn't catch a fish that way.
I was off taking pictures of scenery and when I looked over, Kessie had picked up the fishing pole and was intent on catching a fish.
My shadow picture for this trip. I call it---"She's got legs!"!

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