Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Don't Believe It!

There I was driving along this morning, minding my own business and listening to the radio. Tim McGraw's song "Live Like You Were Dyin'" was playing. Louie said, "Oh, I love this song...what is skydiving?" I defined skydiving for her to which she replied. "Oh, my Grandma's done that." I don't know of any of her grandmothers that have jumped out of a plane, my bet would be on Grandma Karen, if any of them, but I'm pretty sure none of them have. I told her that. "Uh, huh, Grandma Marian has. She told me." Well Mom, I don't believe you, I'm callin' your bluff, I think you're telling fish tales to my five year old. I tried to tell Louie that Grandma Marian had never gone skydiving, but she is adamant that she has. So apparently my mother is a bit more adventurous than I thought. Mom, have you ever thought that maybe you have bad knees because you landed wrong on one of your landings? Just a thought? Maybe you should put away your parachute and take up tamer pursuits, like tadpole farming. I'm just saying...anyways, I got a great mental picture and super laugh...hope you do too!

We're going to visit my grandparents in Salt Lake over Spring Break. Louie is so excited and has tried to get me to pack on multiple occasions. She still doesn't understand time too well and doesn't realize that if we pack all our underwear now, we won't have anything to wear for the rest of the month. Grandma Marian and Grandpa Craig are flying in to meet us there. She was looking at a picture and asked me who Grandma Marian's mom is. I told her it was Grandma Acorn (this is what the children call my grandmother). She got really excited and exclaimed, "Oh, so they know each other!" She's thrilled that both of her grandma's that we are going to visit know each other. One big family reunion!

The other night I asked Lanny to go get the dogs and bring them into the garage for the night. He is afraid of the dark, as I am, but I figure if we work on it while he's young he might have a chance of overcoming his fear, whereas, it's too late for me. He hummed and haaaed and stalled and then finally decided to go out. Kessie wanted to accompany him, but couldn't find her shoes. Lanny got ready and was waiting and Kessie still couldn't find her shoes. I told her she could be the watcher and watch brother from inside and make sure that he was safe. She flipped! Please remember, she is only three and 26 pounds. She screamed at me, "I have to go with Lanny, he is scared and I take care of him!" Well, I couldn't argue with logic like that. She went out with him and no harm came to him thanks to his bulky bodyguard. Kessie hasn't been officially diagnosed, but I believe she has "little dog" complex. She is still so tiny, but doesn't realize it. She is my only child that will take on the world and laugh while she is doing hesitation, no self doubt, no fear. Wish I could be a little more like!

Happy Wednesday!

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Courtney & Marcie said...

Bri- If you are coming to Utah, you should give me a call. I could meet you somewhere. I'm sure everyone else would love to see you too. Let me know when you are coming.