Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not My Children

I don't know whose children are living in my house, but they can't possibly be mine! They actually ask to exercise! Obviously, they didn't get that from me, so I'm wondering who their real mother is. They love the treadmill, and usually I don't let them use it, it just seems so dangerous, but I finally gave in. (Yes, that was a run-on sentence in a major way.) I took pictures while they took turns (don't worry, they were all attached to the emergency pull cord when it was their turn). They actually waited in line for their turn, because they were so excited, yeah, weird, I know. Eventually the ones not on the treadmill got tired of waiting in line and played until it was their turn. Don't know why, because you can't see too many details, but I loved these pictures in front of the window, especially the one of Louie! She is getting really good at jump roping. Maybe their good health habits will rub off on me, but I doubt it. There's just something more appealing about sitting cuddled in a blanket watching someone else exercise!

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