Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Frog (as of yet nameless)

So, I understand that puppies are darling, and kittens are adorable, but seriously, have you seen baby frogs? They have got to be the cutest of them all. I've decided to go into frog farming. They are low maintenance, amazing to watch develop, and so cute! Did I mention that they are cute. I have completely fallen in love with this little frog. He/she, I have no idea the gender, is the only one of the tadpoles that has legs and has started to look like a frog. I don't know why the other ten haven't developed as quickly, but it makes it easy to spot my cutie. I haven't decided what to name him yet, let me know if you have any suggestions. He is very hard to take a picture of since he is constantly moving, but I had to share his fab face with everyone. If you have never had a tadpole as a pet, you are seriously missing out. Feel free to join me if you ever decide to go into frog farming!

1 comment:

Grandpa Craig said...

Mom wants Sweet Caroline and I like Thaddeus J. Tadpole.


P.s. you better name him in a jippy before he turns into a toadstool.