Friday, October 24, 2008

Playing By The Rules

Louie got a pack of games for her birthday. One of them being checkers. I feel like she is a bit young for that one, but she was desperate to play, so yesterday I sat down with her and tried to teach her just the basics. By the end of our game, she had learned that you can't just move anywhere and that you jump people to win. She actually did fairly well. So when Lanny came home from school and wanted to play she readily agreed. Here's a rundown.
Mom --"Maybe you should play something else, Lanny doesn't know how to play."
Louie--"Well, I do, and I'll teach him."
She did set her pieces up correctly on the board, while Lanny just spread his all over. She showed him where to put them. I thought, oh well, here they go.
Louie--"Okay, Lanny, if I jump you than you have to jump my piece. If you jump my piece than I jump your piece. Okay?"
So Louie showed him how to jump her piece, then she promptly took his piece.
Louie--"See. When you jump me, I get your piece. Now I jump over your piece and you take mine."
Well, let's give Lanny a little credit, after two jumps and having his pieces taken he wasn't about to do it again.
Louie--"Your turn Lanny, you jump my piece."
Lanny--"No way, I don't want to jump, then you'll take my piece."
Louie--"You have to jump, that's how you play the game."
A bit of a quibble started, so I tried to help out, but Louie just threw herself backwards flat out onto the ground (they were sitting on the ground) and cried, "Why am I the only one who knows how to play this game?" She was exasperated.
The game continued until all the pieces were gone. Then they counted up their pieces and to their surprise (shock) they both had the same amount. So who won? Well, I guess it was a tie! Which was a good thing, because they can both live with a tie. Lanny however, is thinking twice before having his sister teach him another game.

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