Friday, October 10, 2008

Butterfly Pavilion

I thought it was about time that I put some pictures up of the Butterfly Pavilion. We had a great time. Lanny loved the bees. Actually, I was listening to him tell Grandma Karen about it on the phone and was amazed at what he remembered. I won't even come close to remembering all that. They got to see stick bugs, huge centipedes, tarantulas, bees, starfish, fish, butterflies, scorpions, cockroaches, seriously, there were a lot of bugs! Louie loved touching the starfish (there was one slimy and one sandpapery.) She also tried and tried to work up enough courage to hold Rosie, the tarantula, but was just too scared. However, she did let Rosie shake her hand (she touched Rosie's leg) and was so proud of herself, as you'll see in one of the pictures. Keston loved the hands on childrens play area, with the big spiderweb (climbing ropes), the honeycomb to climb in, and she could finally run around and be loud. This was a new addition since Lanny and I visited with Grandpa Craig when he was little and I'm glad they put it in, I thought it was great for the kids. I loved the butterflies. They were so beautiful, but I got a flinching disorder, because I was so nervous that I would touch one, and that is not allowed. How can you not though, when as soon as you enter they dive bomb you. One landed on my arm. We had been instructed to just keep moving and say, "I am not a flower," apparently this butterfly was deaf, because it would not get off me. The kids thought it was great!
It is actually not a very big building, but there is so much to see. They even gave the kids a mini-class about the life cycle, Lanny now shares the life cylce of everything with me. During the class, they got to look at a bug that was going through different stages of the life cycle (another picture, you'll see of Lanny). It was pretty neat, and I think that the kids learned a lot.

There is just so much to tell, but instead I'll just put a plug in for the Butterfly Pavilion. It's a great place for kids to go! Fun and amazing! Visit them, or go to their website

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