Sunday, October 21, 2012

Who Let the Dogs In?

I don't have Louie's eight year old pictures yet, but someday, soon, before the snow flies, or maybe after, but eventually. We did, however, have her birthday party yesterday. Thankfully, half the people she invited weren't able to come, because it was crazy. She is in love with all things husky, no idea why, but she wanted a dog party. So that's what we did. I looked up dog cakes on the internet and realized, "I don't know how to decorate a cake". Thus my very clever idea was born, I was actually quite proud of myself. I baked Louie a cake on Friday. On Saturday, there was no cake awaiting her party. I told her Aaron had eaten it all, the pig. So when Grandma Johnson got here, I asked her if she had picked up a cake on the way over and she said she hadn't gotten my message, and so no, she didn't get a cake. So I told Louie we would just have ice cream. I had put a candle on a giant can of dog food, so we sang to her and let her blow it out. Then, since we had it, I told her we could have ice cream and dog food! I opened the can and holy birthday cake, Batman, there was her cake. Two of the little girls attending, no matter what I said, would not eat it. They were convinced it was dog food. I plopped some into to everyone's dog bowls (yes, real dog dishes...washed) to enjoy! I had previously gone to the print store and had them color copy a dog food label, which I attached to a #10 food storage can, and then threw her cake into the can. I thought it was great! Louie was thoroughly disappointed about no cake and then thrilled when she realized it was in the can.
We face painted, played a game, and made dog tags. I think the kids had a good time, but I was ready for all the little puppies to go home. It was fun, but I like quieter parties, with less barking. Maybe next year, I'll convince her that she likes mimes!

Louie's dog food cake, plus some chocolate dog biscuits and doggie bags to put their goodies in. Clean, yes, I said clean, dishes in the background (only time you're going to see that!)

The birthday girl, Kessie, and our cute neighbors! Cute puppies!

Kel loves a good party!

Playing "Catch the Cat". Yeah, Aaron got to be the cat, lucky guy!

Louie's friend's Mom made this cute hat for Louie, she was thrilled! I love this picture!


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Jill said...

What a fun birthday party. You're an amazing mama. I especially love the outdoor shot with the mountains in the background.