Monday, October 1, 2012

Stupid Computer

So, I've been trying for three weeks to post a video of Walker....Texas Ranger! Yep, my Kel is walking! She was taking a few tentative steps here and there, but then over Lanny's birthday weekend, she took off. Across rooms, towards the stairs, into my arms! She wobbles and staggers all over, but I can't watch her enough, she is so cute. She gets mad if I try to carry her, but that's okay, because I like the slower pace. She follows her siblings from room to room, joining in their games. Sometimes, she's a bit behind and they rush out of a room as soon as she manages to get to it, but that doesn't deter her, she just staggers on after them to the next room. Last week, she was following the girls into the living room. I yelled "Hey, where are you going?" to Kel, she stopped, turned towards me, pointed down the hall towards the living room, and yelled, "AAAAHHH!" "Okay, have fun1" She then turned and continued in to play with the girls. She amazes me with her understanding and intelligence. I feel so blessed to be her Mommy. If I can get the computer to cooperate, I'll post a video, but don't hold your's better in person anyway, so come visit!

Funny side note that is totally off the subject. Lanny was talking with his friend Tyler from Cheyenne last night. Apparently, I don't let Lanny talk on the phone much because when I told him it was time to wrap it up, he said to his friend, "I gotta go, any last words?" I roared! It was nice knowing you Tyler, farewell! Such a shame, he was so young.

Here's another side note. Is it just me, or does anyone else have a hard time typing on a regular computer anymore. I keep looking for the period on the left side, which is where it is on my phone, aaaargh, you'd think they could streamline these contraptions to match up.

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