Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthday Boy!

I know, Lanny's b-day was a couple weeks ago, but I just managed to get some pics of him. Can you believe that my baby, my 6 lb, month early, first born is ten! Yeah, I know, I'm hyperventilating too! Sit down, grab a paper bag and breath. I promised him a "friend" birthday party this year for the big one-owe, but since we had just moved, he still didn't know a lot of people yet. So we ended up just doing a family celebration. But, hey, I'm his friend, and I'm way cool, so he can't complain, right! I think he had a good time even with me there. He went deer hunting with his Dad...luckily, they didn't get one or they would have never made it to his party on time. Lanny did, however, shoot his first grouse....with a bow! I know, he's awesome! Aaron said he was shaking pretty bad, and that he had to try several times, but he hit it. He actually hit two, but one got away. The other one he brought back for dinner, but the dogs ate it...yeah, sad (for him, but not so much for me.) Most of Aaron's side of the family was able to be there for his birthday. That morning, Whit, Kessie, and Louie decorated his cake...they did awesome! Kessie even put crushed cookies on the deer and trees so that they would look dirty, or as I say it, life like! She was soooooooo proud! We had a pinata, that I made, got the idea off of Tip Junkie. The kids loved it! We had Shepard's Pie for dinner, via, Lanny's request. So, without further ado, as Aaron would say while conducting Sacrament Meeting (in Corner Stone) here are some pics.

The Pinata..I was pretty proud of myself! The hanger broke first thing, but we're Johnson's. The boys fixed it up right quick!

Watch out, this gal's got quite the swing!

The Cake!!! Looks good, tasted good too.

Grandma Clark had given me a box of crafting goodies, included in it were some birthday candles. I am cheap and thought, of course there will be a ten in there, so I won't buy one. Nope, no ten. But there was an eight and a two, perfect! Grandma came up with the brilliant idea to add a plus sign so that Lanny wouldn't have to be eighty-two or twenty eight.

I had so much fun spending some one on one with my boy. He, obviously, gets his looks from his Daddy!

Handsome and photogenic, that's my cute boy! Love this pic, he seems so innocent still.

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