Thursday, October 18, 2012

Burning Question?

Well it's been a few weeks since I've posted. I had some pics ready to put up last week, but then things got busy. So I'll put them up tonight. But first, I hope you all have an answer for me, because I've got a mind boggling question. It has been bothering me since we moved into this house, which, if you recall was the first of July. So here it is....
This is a picture of the door frame in one of our bathrooms. These anonymous lips have been haunting me. Just so you know, it is too high to be a child, it has been here from day one, so it wasn't me, and I haven't seen Aaron with any lipstick on lately! I've seen people apply lipstick and then kiss a mirror (not in real life, but in movies), but have yet to see a movie where someone applies lipstick and then turns and kisses the door jam. Maybe I'm just sheltered and there are plenty of those movies out there. If you've seen one, could you let me know, I would love to watch has to be clean though. And if you know the answer to my question, please, please, call me...I can't sleep at night. I want to know the inner workings of this person's brain and what possessed them to fall in love with a sanded piece of wood.
And in case you're wondering, these lips are permanent!

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