Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Catch Up

So I promised my Mom I'd post pictures of Lanny and Aaron. Lanny had to do a report in school. He chose to do it on Aaron and his occupation. We went down and took some pictures. It was such a beautiful day and I think they turned out cute. Lanny did a fabulous job on his report and poster. He worked very hard and I'm so proud of him. Aaron took Lanny to a substation that is being built...in other words, don't just go skipping around a substation, this one had no electricity running through it, otherwise, we never would have gone near it!

Louie's teacher gave me this link. It is a live cam. When I first got on to look at it there was just the eagles. Now there is at least one egg, she hasn't moved to let me see if there are anymore eggs. She laid the egg about a week ago, and incubation is like 35 days, so we are eagerly anticipating some babies. The kids love watching the eagles. Take a look at it. http://www.luther.edu/eaglecam

And finally, we would like to bid a fond (for two) and not so fond (for one) farewell to three of our chickens. We have never had a problem before and then on Saturday we lost three chickens. Aaron found Sweet Pea dead. He then realized that Ducky (the rooster and one that we weren't too fond of) and one of the Twins were also missing. We figured a couple dogs probably carried them off. I cried because now that means Aaron will want to replace them, and knowing him, he'll go to the store to get three chicks and come out with 15. Who can resist baby chicks?...I can, now that I know what they're like when they grow up, so I'm going to volunteer to go get the replacements. Three, that's it, I cannot be swayed. Here is the last picture I took of Sweet Pea (the white one). I took it about two weeks ago, when we had a snow storm, and the ladies decided they didn't want to get their feet wet. So goodbye and farewell, you were good chickens!

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