Friday, March 12, 2010


First of all here is a tip. We ate Mountain House dehydrated food on Wednesday for dinner. So I wouldn't go pay for it at a restaurant, but it was definitely edible and if you're starving or camping, which is pretty much the same thing...well yeah. So, Aaron was sold. He figured since we were all able to eat it and no one gagged at the table we'll stock up on it for food storage. The missionaries didn't want to stay for dinner, but hey, their loss. So here's the tip. If you're going for camping/food storage food, go with dehydrated vs. MRE. Way better, and I'm a picky eater.

Lanny brought home his Friday folder today, which contains all the work they want sent home from the week. Most of it I glance over and discard, but I came across a worksheet he completed. He did great, the only comment the teacher had was "Spelling?" Sounds just like Aaron. Here is my favorite sentence. The worksheet said, "I help you keep your car running smoothly. I am a.......?" Lanny wrote in....Muckainik. Yeah, made me smile!

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