Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Too Cute!

I'll post pictures of the girls' birthday party a little later, but I wanted to quickly write a few "cuties" that my kids have said or done. First, the kids have really been into playing "name that tune". One of them will hum a few notes and then have the other two try to guess what song it is. They were doing this at the breakfast table the other day and Kessie looked at me and said, "We will rock you! What's dat one, Mom?" I tried to pause for a moment and look contemplative, before my face lit up and I beamed, "We will, we will, rock you!" "You right!!!" Kessie exclaimed! Man am I good at this game. This is the only song that she ever does, so even though the first time I guessed the song it was extremely hard to figure out, it has since gotten a bit easier.
Next, please note the picture, (wow, that was a pun!). For the past few weeks Lanny has been obsessed with getting strong. He wants to become strong enough to lift a house. He has repeatedly asked me how to go about such a daunting task. I tell him he has to eat healthy, exercise, and lift weights. He keeps waiting for me to exercise with him, which, big shocker, never happens. So Sunday he took matters into his own hands. I heard some thumping upstairs and went up to investigate. Lanny was running back and forth, up and down the hallway. In the middle of the floor was this note that he wrote for himself.
Get Strong
Lift Weights
Take a Walk and Jog
He put it on a little note holder that he made out of wood and a nail. It now is on his headboard. He is determined. I know he will succeed. If you see someone who looks like the governor of California in Cheyenne, it's just Lanny!

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