Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prepare for the Scare

WARNING: Due to it's scary nature some images might not be suitable for all viewers. I.E. we look pretty scary so be prepared!!!
Lanny decided he wanted to be a goblin for Halloween! Well great, but I have no idea what a goblin looks like so I asked him. "You know, Mom, they're green with long noses and bumps, and pointy ears...and naked!" Don't know if my son wants to become an exhibitionist, but I told him he could be one, only he couldn't be naked! Louie wanted to be a pumpkin, and Kessie wanted to be a princess. As I was buying make-up for Lanny's costume, the girls changed their minds. Suddenly a goblin was "the" thing to be. So okay! I have three scary goblins on my hands. I dyed the long underwear, and Kessie was showing it to Louie the morning after I did it and said, "Look, Louie, Mommy cooked our costumes!" (It requires a boiling process---I don't recommend it!) Kessie was so excited. As I got them ready for trick-or-treating last night, they had no thoughts of candy....seriously! All they wanted to do was scare people...because to them, they were terrifying. I kept telling them to growl when our neighbors opened the door, but they were afraid they actually might scare someone, so they stuck with the safe and un-scary "Trick-or-Treat". No one had a heart attack, so I guess they calmed the neighbors fears! I know I'm their mom, but they were so cute trying to be all fierce. Especially with their make-up, their eyes just glowed! There's something so exciting about dressing up and Halloween, it's so contagious! I didn't dress up, but definitely loved showing off my terrifyingly cute kids.

P.S. After I finished Kessie's make-up, she looked in the mirror. As she did so, I started to scream because she was so scary. She got a huge grin on her face and said, "Mommy, it's just me!" With that voice how could I mistrust a green-faced goblin!

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Larsen's in Wyoming said...

Great costumes! They are the cutest goblins I've ever seen. My kids had so much fun this Halloween too. I can't believe Keston wasn't a princess in a beautiful dress. They all really looked scary, in a cute sort of way!