Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Hallowe...I mean Birthday!

That's right, another birthday! Kessie is now my big, okay so she's still pretty little, three-year-old! She now is old enough to understand about birthdays, and she was so cute telling everyone, stranger, friend, telephone solicitor, that it was her "burday". She would proudly hold up two fingers and say, "I free!" Seriously, so cute! Our neighbors came trick-or-treating last night and we told them it was her birthday, they broke into song, a fantastic "Happy Birthday to You" was so sweet of them. When I asked Kessie what kind-of treat she wanted for her birthday she said, "cupcakes and lemonade", so we made cupcakes, but have yet to have the lemonade, or even blow out the candles. I don't feel too bad about that, seeing as how we've been singing "Happy Birthday" to her since Louie's birthday, and she's blown out candles on her muffins for a month now. She insists on a lit candle every time we have muffins...and she insists we sing as well. (Lanny got his birthday candles on a muffin, thus Kessie's tradition was born.) I wish everyday was my three-year-olds birthday. She's still so innocent and everything is joyous and exciting for her. Happy Birthday, Kessie...we love you!!!

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Larsen's in Wyoming said...

Cupcakes and lemonade, how can you go wrong? Happy Birthday cutie!