Monday, November 9, 2009

I'd Send It If I Could...

No, I haven't converted. I still don't shall we say, fully appreciate BYU, but I had to post this picture for Uncle George. So here's to you George, a BYU cake, that is way bigger than it needs to be. I'd send it to you, but I can't afford the shipping and handling. The BYU football team and coaches gave a fireside out here this last weekend. A man in our ward made the cakes. There were three huge ones apparently, and they only ate a small corner of one, so they had to find a home for the partially eaten cake. And...because we are cool, okay it's because the missionaries live with us, they brought it home for us (after giving some to other families in the ward). Elder Crawford told Louie that the frosting would turn her teeth blue and so that has been her goal all day. She has done nothing but eat frosting...gag! And yes, her whole mouth was sufficiently blue. Kessie went for the green look. Don't know how we're going to eat the rest of it...seriously, it's huge, but we'll give it our best effort!!!
Cheers George...too bad BYU isn't as good as this cake!

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