Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Death of a Dinosaur

More randomness...Lanny bought some triops a few months ago with his tooth money. He was so excited to grow real dinosaurs. I was skeptical, but they grew. Hatched from their eggs, they were barely visible, but grew to be enormous (well, enormous for them--about a 1/2 inch in length). Lanny loved them. I was annoyed because they required a light on them. So I had a pan with water and cannibalistic creatures in it as well as a desk lamp on my counter for two months. Last week the last of them died. Alas, it was sad to see them go. As much as I'm being sarcastic, they were fascinating to watch. The whole eating each other thing kinda bugged me, but other than that they were pretty cool. They were awesome swimmers and did cool loop-de-loops. All in all a great experiment for kids...and yes, supposedly they really did exist back with the dinosaurs.
In other news, Aaron and Lanny went antemelon (antelope) hunting yesterday. Lanny was pretty stoked, although it was snowing and freezing. Round trip they spent over 7hours in the car, not to mention the time spent driving around looking for one. Kessie was pretty excited when they brought home the "moose". I will be honest, my prayers went unanswered...I did not want them to bring one home. If any of you have a taste for antelope meat, it's yours...I would rather eat the cat food in the garage!
And just because I liked how it turned out, here is a page I did last weekend while listening to conference (I used a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays).

Happy week to all!


The Studio by Amanda Jones said...

This is SO cool! I LOVE it! Thanks for playing :)

Amanda x
Sketchy Thursdays DT

Diana Fisher said...

OK, I really love this! Great colors and love all of the extras on this page! Thanks for playing!

Diana, Sketchy Thursdays founder

scrappinpsycho said...

Super cute - love your colors!

Heidi said...

This is beautiful! Yes, the colors are awesome!! Thanks for playing along with us!!

Heidi - Sketchy Thursdays

Marti's World said...

We did the "triops" thing, too. I liked them about as much as you did ;oD . LOVE the layout, Bri!!!! The colors are awesome and the butterflies are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!