Sunday, October 25, 2009

Visitors From Maryland

Grandpa Craig, Grandma Marian, and Uncle George came to visit us. It was a short visit because they also went visiting in Utah, but we got to see them for a couple days and they got to be here in the snow and then in the sun, lucky them. We went out to eat, watched Scooby-Doo, and played in the park. They also got to go to church with us. Here are a couple pictures of our time together.
The kids had so much fun with Uncle George. They loved to tease him and watch movies with him. Don't worry, I blotted out the logo on his shirt so you wouldn't have to read it's hideousness. Okay, it only said Brigham Young, but I like to tease him too!
Here's the group!
Grandma and Kessie sharing a funny moment.
Lanny, of course, couldn't resist putting his feet in the water. The others soon followed along. It was pretty cold, though, so that is as far as it went, luckily!
Yes, I have evidence that Grandma was feeding my box of Vanilla Wafers, which cost like $3.28 a box to the geese!!! I know, I was pretty upset too!

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