Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Baaack!

Okay, so I really didn't go anywhere, but after a month of no blogging, I should have some great excuse like I went to Paris or something. But, alas, it has just been one of those months where I get absolutely nothing accomplished. But no more, I'm starting anew...from now on I'll be blogging everyday! No, don't expect that, but I do hope to post at least once a week again. Since my last post, the kids have done more fishing...shocker, Lanny even caught a huge Walleye...he looks like he's in pain, probably because it is so heavy. Lanny also lost another tooth (one of his top front ones, and the other top front one is very loose.) We got a little pool for the kids, they love it...so do the dogs! Our electric poles on our property were removed, the kids had a great time watching the man climb the poles. The power company has brought in a lot of heavy equipment and they love how cool some of the trucks are. Louie gave a talk in church, she did great! The next week she gave the prayer! Now she thinks she is suppose to do something every week. Of course, we watched some fireworks for the fourth. Kessie loves the "Popfires!" as she calls fireworks.
Mostly our month has consisted of little bits of life, nothing big, but we try to enjoy all of it!


Ken and Kim Cutler said...

Sounds so fun! Are we still going camping this summer!? :D You guys are the best!

Grandpa Craig said...

Great pictures and you have a wonderful way with words. Tell Lanny that Grandpa Campbell has never caught a fish that big. I am proud of him.

Love to all.

Grandpa Craig