Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here are the Horses

Here are some pictures of the horses. I was so proud of all my kids. Lanny is terrified of horses (he gets that from me) and never wants to go near them. This time he asked Grandma if he could ride, and wow, we couldn't get him off. All of my children have turned into Wyoming cowboys/girls. Lanny and Louie even loped on Wendell T. Of course, Aaron, or Grandma was with them. But still, that is huge. Louie brought her cowgirl hat all the way from home, just for riding the horses! After we rode the big horses, we met the two new babies in the family. Wow, the kids really loved them. If they stayed that size, I might consider getting a horse! They had such an amazing time. I did actually ride as well, but I'm not as photogenic, what with the terrified look on my face. Aaron says it's a pretty realistic look, but I still should work on it a bit!

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