Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weekend Roamings

Last week Aaron took Lanny and Louie to Flaming Gorge. Just so everyone is not confused as I was, Flaming Gorge is in well as in Wyoming. Don't tell Aaron, but apparently these two states do actually have something in common. They had a super time and when Kessie and I joined them on Wednesday evening they were all sunburned, windburned, and water-logged...and loving it! We all swam and played on Thursday and then headed over to Star Valley to see the family and horses. Friday we rode the horses, Saturday we fished and went to the Johnson family reunion. Sunday was a boring ride...are we there yet, how long is an know the routine. Seeing as how I haven't done much all summer, and even though it was a very long ride, I had an enjoyable time. We now can't get on the freeway without Kessie shouting, "Look, Brother, we going camping." (The freeway is always the first lap on our camping trips.) The kids are already revving up for the next fishing/camping trip, Aaron and I are just trying to get some sleep so that we can keep up with them! Love those lazy days of summer!

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Emmie Coggins said...

It seems that we always miss eachother in Wyoming by just a week or two. We should plan things a little better and then make sure the kiddos aren't sick. Glad to see you guys are having a fun summer.