Friday, June 26, 2009


We haven't actually done much this summer. Aaron takes the kids fishing and that has pretty much been the highlight of summer. My summer is pretty much summed up by the top picture. I sit on the porch and listen to a book on tape while the kids gather wildflowers for me. We have quite an assortment on our property and they love to explore and bring me back some that from root to flower are taller than Kessie.
The bugs are in full force now, and Lanny loves catching things. He caught this beautiful butterfly the other day. I let him keep it for 24 hours and then told him it was time to set it free. He didn't want to, but he willingly complied with my wishes, or at least he tried. Apparently, the butterfly was quite attached to him. It kept climbing up his arm and neck to rest on his ear. He would carefully put it back on his hand and it would go right back up to his ear. Finally, he set it on the ground and then the butterfly flew away. He was pretty pleased that his butterfly liked him so much. It was pretty cute!
Hope everyone's summer is going well!

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