Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Technology Down!

So I missed Halloween, I missed writing that my two older girls both had birthdays, and Kessie had a horse themed birthday party. And well, all of November...apparently, that just didn't happen at all, but I have a good excuse. My computer crapped out (yes Mom, I said crap) and then my phone...good times, good times! So now I have a new phone and Aaron tweaked my computer, but good news, my old phone is working again, yes, I'm growling. So I thought, since I'm not that late, I'd tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving! We went down to southern Utah to have Thanksgiving with my sis and her family. It was sooo fun! My nephew loves me (maybe he loves Lanny more, but let's just not think about that)! I love just hanging out with my sister and for my Mom's information, Ronan and I hung out in our pajama's together all day long! (Ronan actually was dressed but had an accident and therefore got to put back on his pj's. No accident for me, I intentionally stayed in my pj's!). We went swimming a couple times, and of course shopping. Aaron actually spent about three days at Walmart, trying to get my phone. Success, he got it, but it took a bit of effort! I think we might make it a tradition to spend Thanksgiving down there...Surprise, Heather, aren't you excited!?!

I was taking pics of the boys and Kel had to climb up and be included. Kel and Ronan had a love/hate relationship. They totally adore each other, but not at the same time, and they always want to be in the same place as the other one, but they don't want to share anything. It got to be quite humorous and loud!

Sorry ladies, this is the boy couch!

Too cute!

Heather has this little cabinet with all her Precious Moments in it. Kel loved it! She would go over and talk to it and kiss the glass. It was the cutest thing!

My skinniest child has to grab the biggest piece of meat. She is such a carnivore!

Thanksgiving dinner, actually lunch, Uncle Murray had to work early. Look close and you'll see my sister and her hubby. It is the only shot I got of them. They're cute, but their son is waaaay cuter...no offense, sis!

Are you noticing a trend...Ronan loves Lanny! He would climb up onto the couch and join Lanny in whatever he was doing! Lanny felt pretty proud.

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