Sunday, October 13, 2013

We're Trying...

to get a family picture. Just one family picture of us all looking at the camera, no one crying, no one punching someone else. Straight ahead, blank expressions would be fine, but we can't even manage that. We asked Grandma Karen to take our family picture last week. These are a few of what we got.
The sun, oh, the pain, don't make me look at it! I love Lanny's face in this one, I think someone was pinching him.

Shin kicking contest anyone? Rules: soft shoes only, no shin guards, just straw taped to your legs....kick away!

Okay, so here's the girls "saucy" pose. Yeah, Kessie hasn't quite mastered it yet! I giggle every time I look at her face!

Kel absolutely would not look at the camera for any reason. We were walking back to the car, obviously, our light was gone, when she turned around and smiled at me. Yeah, it was all worth it for this pic. Love it. Natural and joyful, that's my girl!

As you can see, our Christmas cards will be interesting this year...there's even a couple where it looks like I'm growling. Go me!

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