Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Miss Evie

I know my brother-in-law and his wife didn't plan their special day around us, but they have great timing! We were heading home from southern Utah on Sunday and that was the day that baby Evie was getting blessed in Salt Lake, so sweet, we got to go! The kids weren't too happy about traveling in their Sunday clothes, but they would do anything to see Evie, so we didn't get too many complaints! We feel blessed to have been included in this sweet babies blessing day. She is a great baby, and put up really well with all the people and pictures. But seriously, who could resist taking this little ones picture. Her Mommy made, yes, you read that correctly, made her dress and a ruffle diaper cover (can't remember the correct terminology) for her! Whit says she can't sew, but I would hire her! The kids loved holding and kissing Evie. They all are totally in love with her. I came down with a cold, so no cuddling with her for me, so I was disappointed, but I'll get her next time! She can't hide from me forever! Love you baby Ev!

Yeah, she loves me, or she could just be a happy kid, but let's go with the "she loves me" theory!

A pretty dress for a pretty girl!

Crazy Cousins!

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