Sunday, December 8, 2013

On the hunt...

So, my wee ones are really into Harry Potter right now. Well, except Kel, she hates it, a little too scary for her, but the other ones can't get enough. We just finished listening to the fourth on cd. Aaron and I had a long (like weeks) discussion on if we should let them watch the fourth movie. It seems a lot scarier than the first three. Finally we decided that they could watch the fourth movie, but then we would be done with the books and movies until they were a bit older and we would continue on. In celebration of our family movie night I was so excited to make the kids a special treat. I found what was claimed to be a fabulous recipe for butter beer and so I whipped some up. It looked sooooooo good! I love rootbeer floats, so I thought this would be comparible, uh, no. Well, take a look.....
Seriously, doesn't this look nummy!?!

Big baby!

I think she's trying not to barf. Thanks for holding it in dear!

I think she'd love it if she tried it....not!

So Kel didn't even taste it. She sniffed, yelled "Yuck" and stuck out her tongue! Way to try new things, baby girl!

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, so now I am on a mission. I have, yes, have to find a good recipe. Maybe there isn't one, maybe butter beer is just plain gross, but who knows. I'm gonna keep looking! Never say die, that's my motto! Well, at least not until the butter beer kills you. I am proud to report that there are no future wino's  in my family. Aaron said it was the rum extract that gave it the awful taste that we all hated.
If you're reading this and have a tasty recipe, please let me know, it would save me a lot of time! And no, contrary to Louie's popular belief, I did NOT read the recipe wrong! Louie did give it a champion try, she tried it again in the morning, thinking it might be better....then she ran to the sink and spit it out, yep, still crap!

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