Sunday, October 13, 2013

Arrows, Arrows Everywhere

Lanny has a thing for archery. This last summer, he tied some floss around a loose tooth, then tied the other end to an arrow and shot the arrow with his bow. His tooth flew out and plink, plink, plinked across the concrete. Yeah, he's nuts. The video is hysterical! Anyways, what I actually wanted to share was that he got his Arrow of Light in scouting. Due to our move in May, neither ward had a place for him in scouting and so he had to finish quite a bit on his own, and he did it. I was really proud of him. So here's a pic of him getting his award! Good job, Buddy!

Here was the highlight of the night. Right after Lanny got his award, as Aaron and I were walking back to sit with the girls, a very cranky Kel decided she didn't want her pants on. So she started pulling them off and then dramatically walked across in front of the audience. I was in hysterics!

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