Sunday, October 13, 2013


So, it's not just official, now it's eternal. My sweet nephew was sealed to my sister and her hubby in September and we were blessed to be able to go. I even got to torture him and "try" to hold him during the sealing. We are sooooo excited to have him in the family! He is a sweetie. Being his Auntie, I have a lot to teach him, like how to eat a cheeseburger followed by a cheesecake. If you notice, he's a bit on the skinny side, but I told his Mommy not to feed him squash anymore, although he loves it, it's cookies and cake from now on! Love you Mr. Ronan!
As you can tell, he loves his Auntie...I'm his favorite! Although after the sealing he was a bit wary of me, but we galloped around and I acted like an idiot and pretty soon he realized I wasn't going to be torturing him anymore!

Hands down, my favorite picture of the day. This is just outside the temple after the ceremony. Although he actually didn't make a sound, you can just tell he is thrilled to be with his Mom and Dad forever! "Yipppeeeee! We're a family!"

The little Mr. is so handsome in his sealing suit. He is a bit shy, but always has a sweet soft smile waiting for you.

This is my family. All these great people came to celebrate with Ronan. In all the rest of the pics we smiled like normal people, but I like this one, because it is our true selves.

Here is our family picture from the day! Yeah, this is our life! My blog isn't titled Every Day Chaos for nothing!

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