Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We don't do anything for St. Patty's Day, but that doesn't mean that the Leprechaun doesn't. Lanny made this great trap, but unfortunately it didn't work. I believe in retaliation for the incarceration attempt the Leprechaun took all the children's clean (thank goodness) underwear and hung them up with clothespins in the living room. He turned our milk green, drew on my bathroom mirrors, and left a treasure hunt for the kids. They couldn't find the gold, so Aaron had to help them. The kids enjoyed the crazy little guy coming and Lanny is already prepping a better trap for next year.

Lanny had this sitting right by his bed. It has been stepped on several times, but I took a picture anyway. It says, "Please pull sting for service. Gives out 1000 coins of gold when you get a candy! Hungry? Come get a snack" Yeah, he's cute!
We also just had Easter, obviously. As you can see from the pics, there was snow, but there were some dry patches as well. Kel actually was getting into collecting eggs this year. She was super cute. I thought she'd be terrified of the bunny at the town Easter egg hunt, but she loved him. I hate commmunity hunts, but the kids wanted to go, so we went. It took all of 3 seconds (I am not kidding) and the eggs were gone. But the kids had a good time anyway. Kel was darling picking up the eggs. She even was thrilled to pick up halves that had come apart. And of course, everyone loved the candy.


I know, you're thinking, "Who wears goggles for an Easter egg hunt?" I thought the same thing...Lanny does!

It's spring break this week. The most exciting thing we've done is go to the library, but hey, we're okay with that. Louie and Kessie did get on the horses on Monday. I even hopped on Comanche, I did really well! Okay, he did really well and didn't buck me off, so he is my new BFF now! Hope everyone else had or is having a great spring break!

Kessie and Comanche!

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