Monday, April 8, 2013


I know this post doesn't have a title, it's because I'm just not feeling witty or clever, as evidenced by my past 400 titles, so I just might skip the title altogether from now on. Just have a few pics to share from last week.
Kessie lost a tooth last week. She was sooooo excited. I was not. I was eating dinner, alone, as usual...all you moms can relate (you set the food out and everyone's done before you get to sit down), and Aaron popped Kessie's tooth out. It clickity clacked across the floor. I had just asked him not to fiddle with her tooth in the kitchen, yep, obviously he hasn't learned to listen. Teeth clacking across the floor tend to make me a bit nauseous, I dry heaved a couple times, but don't worry, I kept my dinner down. Kessie had a gap between her two front teeth, so now it looks like she lost an amazingly enormous tooth, but it was one of her baby teeth.

We went to the circus on Friday. Yes, you read that right. The circus came to Star Valley...well, if you consider the circus to be a one man show in a small conference room with a couple dogs, then yes, we went to the circus. The kids seemed to have a good time, I was a bit miffed. I'm use to elephants and motorcycles and amazing aerial stunts, but you can have a circus without all that right?!? There was one very talented young man, as evidenced by the fact that he was the juggler, clown, strong man, daredevil and MC. I got one picture of the kids with this incredibly scary looking SpongeBob...who might I point out has lost his nose. You'd think with the $15 my ticket alone cost they could fix his nose. Okay, enough complaining, just know, that if you ever get a circus ticket that says, "Free Ticket Coupon" on it and boasts animals from's a total scam!

In other news, I am fed up with the screaming in my household every morning when I brush the girls hair. So my friend came over last week and chopped their hair off...don't worry, Aaron wasn't home at the time so my friend is still alive and will remain nameless. What is it with guys and long hair? I am thrilled to report that today was their first day back to school from spring break, and my girls brushed their hair and there was absolutely no screaming....aaaaaaah, I love the sound of silence! So I took a before and after of Louie. I forgot the before of Kessie, but if you look at her tooth pic you can see how much longer it was. They both love their new hair, and being the unbiased person that I am, I think they look pretty stinkin cute as well!

Here's just a cute pic of Kel and Kessie. Kessie was taking a snooze and I told Lanny to wake her up. He did so by lifting the front of the recliner off the floor and letting it thud back down. Kel did not approve of his technique and so she shoved him out of the way and climbed up on top of Kessie and gave her hugs and kisses. I think I'll go take a nap so that I can get woken up with hugs and kisses!

Oh, and P.S. we did not have mice take up residence in our, thank goodness. It's birds. They have built nests inside our walls. Just thought you all might want to know.

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