Friday, April 19, 2013

Exciting News!

Well, as you can tell, from my lack of posting and my completely monotone voice (just pretend) our exciting news has been postponed a bit. I know you all won't be able to sleep for wanting to know, but try, try hard! Hopefully by Monday...Tuesday, possibly Wednesday, or Thursday, but especially by next Friday I'll be posting pictures of our exciting news. And don't get too tense it's not like we won a trip to Hawaii or anything!

P.S. The neighbors dog, whom they promised they would keep tied up, ate our last chicken today. Man I am #@!. Don't worry, it really wasn't that bad of a word. I don't blame the dog...he's just stupid, but I am perturbed that I naively trusted the neighbors. Once again, Aaron was out of town, so the dog is safe.

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