Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Finally...but a sad finally

This last weekend was a big step in my little ones life. Kel has had some issues with her teeth because of how much she likes to nurse. I was completely oblivious until a couple weeks ago, yeah; I’m not winning the mother of the year award! So, we decided to wean her. Since she wasn’t a willing participant, I sent her and Daddy and the rest of the kids to Grandma’s for a sleepover weekend. It is so nice to have family close by that is so supportive. The older kids had a great time, and Kel, honestly, has done fabulous! Whenever she saw me, she would want to nurse, but then I’d leave and she’d be fine. She did have some major meltdowns when it was naptime or bedtime, but we have gotten through them. I went to take the kids lunch on Saturday, because Grandma was riding with Kessie and when I walked in, Kel smiled, came over to me and then proceeded to point and grunt at my chest. I told her “no”, so she tried to take my coat off for me. I told her “no” again, and she yelled at me and then went to play with Lanny. She’s a tough girl. I think everyone has done a better job at adjusting than I have. It has been hard to say good-bye to my baby, and hello to my toddler. It didn’t help that we also took her to nursery for the first official time, and she loved it! No crying, no holding on to my leg, not even a good-bye, she just walked in and started to play. Yeah, I’m feeling a little unnecessary. Okay, so I feel completely unneeded. Friday morning my baby was still nursing, and now she’s off to college…how did that happen. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but seriously, this has been a traumatizing weekend, show some pity! Kel has adjusted so well to all the new changes. She still has some moments, but we’re working through each step together. Since she has stopped nursing, I’ve noticed that she has increased in chatter. Before, she would just want to nurse all day, now she comes over and sits on my lap and “talks to me”. I love it. We read stories last night, with her doing the reading---yes, she’s a genius! She also has made up for the lack of close contact by ensuring that my arm is around her when we read and that I am not reading a book while we watch a movie. Last night I was holding her while she watched Ducktales and I was reading on the sly…apparently, not so slyly because she grunted and closed my book. After a few minutes, I started reading again. Wrong move, she grunted closed my book, and then threw it off the couch…okay, no more reading for me! She also gives me lots of kisses…maybe to let me know that even though I’m not as needed, she still loves me. I am so blessed!

In other news, Lanny lost another tooth…I swear, his tooth fairy is going to kill us. How would you like flying in freezing cold weather? P.S. Did I mention that his tooth was loose on the way home from school...yeah, he went in the bathroom and tugged on it until it came out...ouch! He also went skiing yesterday for the first time. He came home sunburned, sore, but very happy. I was really worried, since I have no coordination and I thought he might not be able to get the hang of it, but he did. And since you know Lanny, I’m sure you can imagine how he described his day…lots of hand gestures, sound effects, and animated shows of proper form. He was so excited, it almost made me want to go skiing…then I remembered that I like whole bones and thus will refrain from hitting the slopes. He gets to go again on tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that he doesn’t get cozy with any trees!

Kessie is doing great in piano. She started taking lessons from her school teacher. She loves to play, but with only two lessons behind us, she is already complaining about actually practicing what her teacher asks her to. Wow, now I know what it feels like, sorry Mom!

Louie is my fashionista. She loves having earrings and changes them up daily. We just bought her some more and I’ve had to curse a bit because as the bus pulls up, she is putting earrings in. She always looks super cute, but is late to everything. She has found that big, shiny earrings are not condusive to having a little sister. Kel ripped one out of her ear yesterday, but luckily, did no damage to Louie’s ear.

Here’s a saying I saw on the internet and had to make. I love it. The original was yellow and orange and teal, but I prefer something a little calmer…yeah right…some of you know that my window coverings are bright orange, green, and blue, so really that last statement was a lie. I painted it actually to match my coffee table! I am rather fond of how it turned out…now let’s see if I can actually follow the signs advice!

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Jill said...

I'm sympathetic to your feelings! I'm sending a big long email soon too!