Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Hot Day

Yes, I could still see my breath, but wow, it was a beautiful day. Aaron called me and told me it would be in the negatives by the weekend, then he ordered me outside. It was quite a trial. Kel has never had snowpants on, and since I lost one of her boots, I had to put on boots that were four sizes too big for her. However, after a series of huge, screaming, tear filled fits, we made it outside. I tried to sled down the road with her (we live on a little hill), but Kel would have none of that. So we both got out of the sled and took a little walk down the road. It was fantastic to be outside. Apparently, I don't know when to quit because Kel was in tears again before we made it home, but we did have a nice time, in between the tears. I could totally handle winters here if the temps were always in the thirties, but alas, life is not meant to be easy. But, I'm still feeling blessed to have enjoyed a few minutes with my baby!

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cahoonfamily said...

Bri she is so cute it is killing me over here!! Oh I wish our babies could play together.