Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catch Up....

Here are a few pics that I wanted to share, but had to get Christmas up first. I have two super cousins serving missions right now. My Salt Lake family made a paper tree for them and asked everyone to make a paper ornament to go on it. So, I immediately flew into action....and if you know me at all, you know that is a lie. I barely got the ornaments to Salt Lake to have them sent in the package. But, they made it! I took pics of the kids with a mustache and beard and then printed them off. Then the kids got to add a Santa hat and decorate each of their pictures. I had to take the pics in two sessions, because Kessie was napping the first time. I took Lanny's pic and then Louie's, then I asked Lanny to hold Kel while I tried to take her picture. She is so smart, she had been watching. When I went to hold up the mustache and beard for her, she grabbed it and smacked it against her face! She knew what to do with it. I ended up taking like 30 pictures, because it was so hysterical! I promised my sister I'd put a few of them up so she could see my cute Santa's! P.S. Yes, I'm aware that my child's face is always dirty. Yes, I do own washcloths. No, I'm not going to clean her face...I pick my battles.

This is the very first shot I took of her! She is such a smart cookie. I ended up using it for her ornaments, I just love her eye peaking out!

In other news...Kessie made a gingerbread house at school and was so proud of it. While bringing it home on the bus, a little girl knocked it out of her hands and it crashed to the floor. Kessie was devastated, so I promised her that we would make some at home. We did, and I am really stunned at my children's creativity. They did a great job! Kel got in on the action by eating all the candy and "painting" with the icing. Kessie actually wasn't feeling very well, but she perked up enough to pull of an amazing house. Lanny made a manger and Kessie kept saying, "I like mine, but Lanny's is the most important."
This is Kel saying something to the effect of..."No more pictures, Mom!"

Louie used all of the gummy Sweet Tarts....I didn't care, but everyone else was a bit peeved. Her house was eaten first!

"Away in a Manger"

Kessie didn't want me to take this picture, because she wasn't done yet.

AAAAAh, Fabulous! Louie's then Kessie's then Lanny's!

Picasso Baby!

And I have one final pic to share. It's Kel with her Uncle on Christmas Day. She was having such a great time with him, and obviously....looked darling in his hat!


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