Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve

We have the tradition, as most of you probably do too, to act out the nativity on Christmas Eve. This year in addition to that we sat on a blanket in the living room around a lazy susan and enjoyed a dinner that Jesus might have eaten in his day (olives, bread, cheese, grapes, dates, etc). We ate by the light of my mother-in-laws Christmas tree and shared our favorite stories about Jesus. It was really fun. Then we acted out the nativity. I was going to describe it, but I'll let the pictures tell the story
This is Mary (Aunt Whitney--due in June), and Jovis (this is what Lanny called Joseph when he was a wee one). I can't figure out why Joseph can't just look normal...ever?!

These are the shepherds, abiding in the kitchen, they love chocolate!

The beautiful angels bringing glad tidings of joy! Just a note, Grandma came up with the beautiful costumes. I came up with the ones that aren't so great...yeah, not my forte!

This wiseman is actually scaring me, he's a bit too serious.

The three wisemen, gangstas, mafia, or rappers, you choose. But....they're bearing gifts!

My crew...a bit rag tag, but we still seek Him.

My little shepherd/gangsta was so exctied and just happy to be a part!

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